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Natural treatments for scars and stretch marks

Scars occur all over our bodies, it’s part of being human. The causes of scars can range from acne scars to accidents and can differ in severity, colour and the amount of time it takes for them to heal and fade.

While we believe it’s important to embrace our bodies and any potential scars we may have, we understand the want to minimise the appearance of scarring.

Care Plus International can create natural products that help with reducing the appearance of scarring: our AHA products and Stretch mark products.


When a scar first appears, it generally looks angry and red. But don’t worry, generally, over time, the scar will fade from a red to silver.

With the help of our natural products, you may reduce the appearance of your scars even further. However, it’s important to note that scars may never disappear completely.

The key to reducing the appearance of scars is consistency. Using a product once and expecting rapid results isn’t realistic. Apply patience and consistency with your skin care to see your scars fade over time.

How to reduce the appearance of stretch marks naturally

Stretch marks appear on our bodies for various reasons, including pregnancy, rapid growth during our adolescent years, weight gain and more. Women are generally more prone to stretch marks than men.

Tip: During phases in our lives when we are more likely to get stretch marks, such as pregnancy, keeping on top of moisturising and hydration can help avoid stretch marks occurring.

How to reduce the appearance of acne scars naturally

We strive to create the best natural acne scar treatments that our customers can depend on.

Acne scars and rolling scars generally appear on our face, but can also be on other parts of the body affected by acne, such as your back.

By following a strict skin care regime with ingredients that help reduce scarring, you may see a reduction over time. Again, remember to be patient.

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