About Us

Care Plus International are natural skin care manufactures in Victoria, Australia.

As leading skin care manufacturers we are focused and committed on quality and attention to detail every step of the way to delivering superior finished products.


Over 25 Years Professional Experience

We collaborate with our clients to formulate and manufacture superior products according to their requirements. 

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and formulating products for local and international markets, we are able to help you develop your dream products.

Our Research & Development

Our service as a professional private label manufacturer incorporates all aspects of R&D

  • Formulation development

  • Formula replication

  • Manufacturing

  • Packaging

  • Filling

  • Stability Testing

  • Registration documents ( incl. international)

  • Keep to budget

  • Custom made formulations 

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Beauty Products
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Benefits of Private Labelling with us

  • Products created to suit your application and target market

  • There is no concern about a minimum opening order, annual targets

  • Lowest minimum quantities available

  • The product can be supplied in any countries and markets should you wish with no restrictions

  • Unlimited selection of product, existing or non-existing.

  • Can be provided in bulk volumes