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Looking after your hair and scalp this summer

Summer is a time of sun, sand and sea!

Natural shampoo for healthy hair

But, sun, sea salt and other factors that often come with summer such as chlorine can harm the health of our hair, leaving it dry, stressed and in much need of some TLC.

Throw chemical-laden mainstream shampoos and conditioners into the mix, and it's a wonder how our hair has a chance!

Follow these tips to keep your hair sleek and healthy this summer;

Opt for natural shampoo and natural conditioners

Natural shampoos and conditioners are an excellent alternative to most of the mainstreams brands stocked on our supermarket's shelves. Most shampoos and conditioners seem like their helping on the surface while they're really damaging our hair in the long-run, and exposing us to more toxins. While you wash your hair, all those soapy suds that run down your body gets absorbed to some extent through your skin. So, choosing a natural shampoo with all-natural, toxin-free ingredients can really help your hair and overall health.

Think of your hair before getting into the water

Whether it's the beach or the pool, the water is stressful on your locks. Consider wetting your hair before as wet hair will absorb less salt or chlorinated water, or work an oil such as coconut oil through your hair to create a barrier. After being in the water, wash your hair with a natural shampoo thoroughly.

Tip: Oil is best in hair that isn't in the sun. Oil can magnify the sun's rays leaving you with a burnt scalp - definitely not good for your hair or your skin!

Embrace the shade

Staying out of the direct sun, especially when it's really hot, is best for your hair and your skin. If you must be in the sun, consider a sun hat for your hair's protection.

Be kind to your scalp

We know that sunscreen on your scalp isn't exactly the best look, but neither is a burnt one! Burnt scalps often result in flaky skin that clings to the strands of your hair.

You canchoose natural sunscreen to help keep your scalp healthy, or consider wearing a protective sun hat.

Care Plus International makes natural shampoos and conditioners. To produce them, please contact us.

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